Professional makeup application for school formal. We are provide Makeup application at your preferred location* or at our beauty salon in Emu Plains.

For hair and makeup deal please contact us. We are working alongside with Hair Depot (from Lennox Village Centre in Emu Plains).


Lash extension:         $20

Curls:              from   $20

*Travel per 5km:       $15 (from Emu Plains)


Makeup for School formal – From glamour makeup to natural look – we do it all! It is such an exciting time,  choosing a dress, what hairstyle to have? what kind of makeup look will suit a formal?  Choosing a car and also THE partner. There are a lot of choices to make.

For school formal, most girls are booking  their formal makeup with a professional makeup artist. Choosing the right look can be overwhelming but the right makeup artist will help you to make the right choices.  When your features are getting highlighted and the right colors are matched to your skin tone you would look stunning on that day.

Michal Gabriel Beauty and Brow has been in the industry for many years and constantly attending makeup courses to keep up with the trends in this fast innovation industry.

School formal can be a stressful experience leading up to the formal. It is that time of the year when majority of the girls will stress. The stress is normal but with stress there’s the joy of breakouts – NOT! Breakouts is a common issue in this age, it’s the hormones, physical change, general stress and anxiety these young girls experiencing in this age. If it’s the dramas at schools, with friends or parents or physical changes it all shows on the face.


Preparing your skin for the Formal

Girls that started cleansing their skin twice a day and came for regular facials saw great results. It is recommended starting 2 month before the formal. Cleansing twice a day – day and night and exfoliating twice a week with the correct products can make a huge different, consult your beauty therapist which product will suit you best. Applying makeup on smooth face is ideal but with the right experienced makeup artist would know how to cover it up appropriately. If you are concerned and not sure how,  please come and see us it is easy to contact us. We suggest contacting us as soon as possible, we do not charge for asking so please do, that would be the best way to be ready for your formal makeup.



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