Eyebrow Consultation  (30 minutes) 45.00
Natural Eyebrow Design (60 minutes) 125.00
Natural Eyebrow maintenance (30 minutes) 49.00
Eyebrow tidy (no prior design by us, following current shape) (15 minutes) 30.00
Eyebrow tint 19.00
Natural Eyebrow Program (Design, 1st maintenance, brow shading workshop and TrueBrow makeup kit) 292   249.00



Brow Consultation is where your true brow journey begins. We like to call the eyebrow consultation – Truebrow™ Discovery Session. It is a precious time where you have your brows correctly assessed.

The Discovery session is when your initial brow appointment take place with a Truebrow™ specialist. It is a precious time where you have your eyebrows correctly assessed to discover what we need to do in the future. During the consultation we will discuss what is Truly possible, a true assessment of your eyebrows and of course a vision of the future. So we will create the best eyebrow design you ever had. In this initial consultation, we will discuss your True potential and show you how you can achieve your dream brow design with what nature gave you.  After your consultation we will determine whether we will proceed with the TrueBrow design or start our creation journey.

Experience the knowledge, care and passion needed to restore, correct and transform a woman’s brow in your complimentary 30 minute session.

Please allow 30 – 45 minutes for this service.


The foundation for the future of your brow potential will begin at this first natural eyebrow design appointment.

During your trubrow design even the most compromised brows will experience a new level of beauty.

No tricks, wigs, serums or tattoo just your natural brow and a talented TrueBrow specialist. Michal is using the same tools as other beauty therapist. The difference is  in the knowledge and techniques.  Just like well known designer brands are using the same tools as generic brands (they all use scissors, fabric and a sewing machine..). But their creative knowledge and techniques are what creating the finest designs.  Same when it comes to eyebrow design. A fine art that is second to none will create a feminine, soft and sophisticated eyebrow that you will fall in love with.

You will be amazed at what is possible, even the most compromised brows see results when entering the TrueBrow Program. Most clients see results in their firs natural eyebrow design appointment.

Don’t let a lack of knowledge destroy your brow beauty. In fact we are so confident that we can help you with your eyebrow, that we are offering a FREE eyebrow consultation. You can then ask as many questions as you may have about our brow design, and when we can go through and show you what are your true brow potential is.

45-60 minutes


Your brow maintenance will follow your initial New Brow design. Whether it is to maintain your existing Brow design or working towards your transformation, the maintenance is very important. It is not an appointment where we redesign your eyebrows again but rather maintaining what we created in your design appointment. When you require an advanced eyebrow restoration, we will advise on how often we would need to see you.

As our main priority is to offer you the most beautiful eyebrows all the time, every day of the year, the eyebrow maintenance appointment is a fortnightly appointment, unless advised otherwise. Your TrueBrow™ specialist will talk to you and let you know how often she will need to see you.

Eyebrow maintenance are booked after your initial eyebrow design appointment.


“FINALLY, The best natural brow design in Penrith area!!!”

The Natural Brow program include all you need for your natural eyebrow design transformation. Your natural brow journey will begin with a thorough eyebrow consultation. Your eyebrows will be assessed to determine how we are going to transform your eyebrows and create the best natural brow design you ever had. We will then start working on your eyebrow design keeping in mind a soft, feminine and sophisticated look.
Our New Brow Program is very popular and a great way to start your brow journey, as it value for money.
What is the Natural Brow Program Include?

  •  A thorough Brow consultation and assessment
  • The TrueBrow™ Collection, eyebrow makeup kit
  •  A one on one shading workshop
  • Your initial Natural Brow design
  • Your very first Natural Brow Maintenance

Valued $337 for only $260
The Natural Brow treatment is a prestige brow service. It is a world’s first class for natural brow design.
The TrueBrow™ system is the highest level of natural brow training in the world.  We use cutting edge techniques and principles to achieve the best brow design. Your TrueBrow™ specialist will take her time to create the best eyebrows that suits you.
With the Natural Brow Program you will have all the tools and knowledge to maintain the best eyebrows you ever had! And it is finally available here, in Penrith, Emu Plains and the surrounding area.
You can start your natural brow journey right now, all you need to do is contact us today, we will organise a day to come and have a chat about your eyebrows, and we can go from there.

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Here are some testimonial from our clients who came to visit for their eyebrow treatment in Emu Plains:

“I had a lovely appointment today with Michal from Beauty and Brow. My brows have never looked so good. Michal is professional and very gentle in her approach, I can thoroughly recommend her services.”
– Kim Harmer

“I would highly recommend Michal. I had my eyebrows done , and I can’t stop looking at them. I’m absolutely chuffed. Can’t ask for more professional and friendly service.”

– Patrina Carter

“Michal takes great pride in her work, and takes her time. Her work is impeccable. So happy customer for life…. ♥️”

– Steph Clarke

“Michal has worked wonders on my eyebrows and they look fantastic ,would not go anywhere else.”

– Sue Bruhm

“The eyebrow queen – never have my brows looked so good. This lady knows her brows and how to make them frame your eyes. Superstar. Definitely recommend 😍

– Jessike Erixon

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