Deluxe Facials

Price: $From 95


Surrender your senses to a total relaxation. All our deluxe facial treatments are including facial massages, balancing head massage and are suitable for men and women. 

The deluxe facials are advanced and luxurious skin treatments. Prior to any treatment we will analyse the skin to determine which treatment will lead to best results.


CLASSIC REJUVENATING FACIAL  (60 min)                  $95

A great relaxing experience with personalised products to suit your skin. Includes 20 minutes of face and shoulders massage. Features double cleanse, deep cleanser, mask, treatment products and daily skincare.


DELUXE REJUVENATING FACIAL (90 min)                   $115

A divine luxurious facial. Achieve a healthy glow and vibrant healthy skin. Includes a scalp or hand massage plus 20 minutes of face, back and shoulders massage. Feature double cleanse, exfoliation, massage, mask, treatment products and daily skincare


MG DELUXE FIRMING FACIAL  (90 min)                       $129

Firming treatment for eye, face and neck. This advanced facial improves skin firmness and elasticity, aids skin’s metabolism and stimulates cellular regeneration.Includes 20 minutes back, neck & shoulders, scalp and hand massage. Features double cleanse, double peel, firming facial treatment, double mask, treatment products and daily skincare.


DELUXE ANTI AGING FACIAL  (90 min)                        $139

Helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promotes hydration for smoother and firmer skin, invigorates sun damaged skin and helps increase skin renewal resulting in youthful skin. Features double cleanser, exfoliate, peel, professional in salon serums, double mask, treatment products and daily skin care.

DELUXE UNSTRESS FACIAL (90 min)                             $139

Relax while your skin is been naturally restored and soothed. Contains anti-inflammatory, probiotic compounds for rejuvenation of the skin, reduce redness, promotes clear and calmer skin. Features double cleanser, 2 x peels, professional in salon treatment serums, 2x masks, treatment products and daily skin care.


DELUXE BALANCING FACIAL  (90 min)                          $129

For oily and acne prone skin, helps reduce visible and clogged pores, balancing the oil to reduce the appearance of blemishes and blackheads. Features double cleanser, exfoliate, peel, 2 x masks, in salon professional serum, treatment products and daily skin care.


Best facial before a special event, for glowing skin

WISH Facial plus Microdermabrasion  ( 105 min)         $169

Be red carpet ready!

WISH by CHRISTINA Facial PLUS Microdermabrasion Facial. For a perfect glowing skin. This will result in hydrating, brightening, balancing, restoring and clarifying your skin. Microdermabrasion treatment is the perfect treatment to clean and glowing skin. Combining the Microdermabrasion treatment with the infusion of advance serums will result in a smooth skin. It is the best facial before special occasion when you need a smooth skin before any makeup application. It will stimulate the inner cells and increasing the process of cell renewal resulting plumped and hydrated skin. This treatment is safe and suitable for most skin types and condition. Features double cleanser, exfoliate,Microdermabrasion, Firming Serum, ACE Infusion, Derma fill, massage, treatment products and daily skin care.

Indian head massage (30 min)                                            $49

Indian head massage is a combination of pressure points and relaxation head massage. some would say it helps with balancing the chakras or emotional cleansing process. Either way, your mind will drift away while your body is in an absolute relaxation.  A truly loved treatment.



Here is what some of our clients had to say after experiencing a facial in our Emu Plains salon: 


“I enjoyed a relaxing facial – it was luxurious, restful, calm and peaceful. what a hidden gem – I’ve booked again, and intend on making this my monthly regular! 10 our of 10.” 

– Belinda Sanders Was Pearce 


“Michal is amazing! The best I feel amazing and relaxed after my treatments. Highly recommend” 

– Laura de Villecourt


“I had the most wonderful Facial from this beauty therapist, just divine it incorporated a neck back massage I’ve never felt so good” 

– Sherri LeaStandford 


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