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Retinol and Antioxidants Rehabilitate, Revitalize and Smooth The Skin.

The innovative Night Cream utilizes powerful age-defying ingredients to maximize and boost the skin’s repair and replenishing cycle overnight. This advanced formula will regenerate radiance, restore density and reduce the signs of aging.

The skin is renewed and rejuvenated at night, returning skin to a more youthful state.


  • Enhances skin’s natural resting state for optimal receptiveness to active ingredients.
  • Increases the lifecycle of healthy skin cells by 50%, causing maturing skin to react like younger skin.


A powerful plant-based hormone protects the skin from premature aging. This hormone-like activity helps prevent age-associated damage and protects from damage by free radicals.

Retinol – has beneficial, long term effects against wrinkles. Facilitates cell division in epidermis and dermis, enhances new collagen fibre generation and stops the breakdown of existing fibres, thus improving skin firmness and elasticity. Improves microcirculation and helps get rid of accumulated liquids, contributing to a smooth, uniform texture.

Lycopene and Melatonin— work together to reduce signs of stress and fatigue, renew the skin and increase the generation of healthy cells by 50%.


This innovative night cream has been specially formulated to intensify skin rejuvenation.

Featuring the power full Cimicifuga Racemosa “youth accelerator”, it protects ageing, vulnerable skin against free radicals. Lycopene works synergistically with melatonin to enhance the skin’s resting state, maximizing skin rejuvenation and increasing the lifecycle of healthy skin cells by 50%. It increases the production of ATP (adenine triphosphate) in cell mitochondria for increased energy supply.

Night Cream contains fatty acids (vitamin F), the essential building blocks for cell membrane structure, rejuvenating and restoring skin vitality and youthfulness.


Cleanse skin and apply a thin, uniform layer of cream onto face and neck overnight. Massage in until absorbed.


Wish-is an innovative anti-aging treatment for mature skin that slows and reverses skin damage. Wish supplements the body’s natural anti-aging mechanisms with a rich blend of active ingredients and ensures that customers see real long term improvements in skin quality for a younger and smoother skin structure and tone.

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