BioPhyto MILD FACIAL CLEANSER 250ML (All skin type, including sensitive)


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Soapless Soap, Removes Excessive Oil and Makeup Without Irritating The Skin.

A gentle non-drying gel washes away oil and make-up residue and impurities. Soothes manifestations of discomfort, and leaves the skin feeling clean and comfortable 


Designed to wash away impurities and eliminate any signs of discomforted skin.

Soothes as it removes excess oil and debris.


Green tea extract – tannins from green tea have anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and radical scavenging characteristics. It protects cells from everyday aggressions.

Cucumber extract- has an extremely soothing effect on the skin. Serves as an antioxidant, calms skin irritation, has anti-inflammatory properties and relieves under-eye puffy skin. The moisture-regulating characteristic is perfect for revitalizing and hydrating the skin.

Advanced cleansers – derived from coconut oil, mild, non-irritant but highly effective in their action.


Gently removes oil and makeup residue and impurities. Soothes discomfort


Massage onto entire face and neck. Rinse well with lukewarm water.


BioPhyto A superbly personalized, balancing treatment for healthy-looking skin

BioPhyto is where science meets nature to create products with premium levels of performance, unique qualities and outstanding results. Combining high-end, innovative extracts, BioPhyto is the ultimate answer to superior levels of cellular activity and skin balance! It offers customized solutions to a variety of skin conditions, repairs and prevent further damage caused by endogenous factors, restores the skins natural defence systems, and lends the skin a healthy, vibrant, radiant look.

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