Mascara off eye sight on!

Mascara off eye sight on!

Why do I need to remove my mascara (and makeup) at the end of the day?

I’m hoping it scares you.. 😜
Do you use mascara? Are you removing it at the end of the day?
That’s includes all mascaras but in particular, it refers to waterproof mascaras as the fragments are not breaking down easily.
When the fragments get into the eyelid, they stay under the skin and scratch the eyes just like sand.
It only takes 2 minutes, preferably use eye cleanser / makeup remover and if you are not sure what to use, we offer free skin analysis, please come in and we will give you few suggestions.
Click here to watch this lady, who nearly went blind from leaving her mascara on every night… too risky, we only got one pair, not worth it.
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