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Brow Consultation


Brow Discovery Session is a crucial step of your brows journey.  It is necessary for your eyebrow-specialist to understand your past brows experience. By understanding your current eyebrows situation, the specialist can have a clear vision of what you would like from your brows. In addition, in this valuable time, you will be connecting with your brow specialist and learning to trust her. Then, while the TrueBrow™ representative examining and correctly assessing your brows she is creating a clear vision. After you will both discuss what is truly possible, the TrueBrow™ representative, will show you her vision using the TrueBrow™ collection. At the end of this assessment you will be notify whether your eyebrows need restoration, transformation or correction.

Experience the knowledge, care and passion needed to restore, correct, transform a woman’s brows in your complimentary 30 minute session.

Brows and Michal Gabriel

Michal Gabriel is a professional beauty therapist that decided to dedicate most of her time to learn about eyebrows. As an individual she experienced challenges with her own eyebrows (including 5 scars on her eyebrows). It was hard to find a brow specialist that listened to her wants and needs with her eyebrows. She had to fill them in since she was in early high school. With all this in mind Michal understands how challenging and frustrating it could be to find someone that take your brows seriously. At the end, she will advise you whether your eyebrows need to be restored, transformed or corrected. Her honesty very valuable and, you will then know what is your brow’s true potential.

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It is the world’s highest level of eyebrows training for natural brow, including restorations and design. All TrueBrow™ specialists have been hand picked and learnt the secrets of the TrueBrow system®, using cutting edge techniques and principles.

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