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Skin O2 in the press

Skin O2 Skin Care Range and Makeup Range What the press has to say? Skin O2 has lots of recognition to their amazing products. From skin care to makeup that designed to nourish your skin. Take a look at what the press has to say about the Skin O2 Skin Care Range and the Skin …

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school formal makeup time.

Formal Makeup

Formal Makeup Formal makeup is such a biggi. Most girls will get their hair styled and invest time and money finding the right dress. Well, that is probably the biggest deal -the dress! – formal dress can turn a girl to a young woman.  At the end, with a pretty dress, hair that is all …

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My Brows are not leveled

My brows are’t leveled Brows – when they un-leveled. Such a common brow’s issue… some genius came up with the phrase ‘eyebrows are sisters not twins”, that is so true I can confidently say that every second client I see has uneven eyebrows. Most of the time our right side and left side of our …

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Skin O2

Eye makeup?

How to apply eye makeup? Eye makeup, we are flooded with social media! Makeup videos and makeup tutorials to show us how to apply makeup. Especially eyeshadows and eyeliners. After all these two can make a HUGE difference to our look. The question is – Are these eye makeup techniques suitable to me? Is u …

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Brow Specialist using the TrueBrow™ System

Brow Specialist using the TrueBrow™ System

Brow Specialist – TrueBrow™ Brow Specialist who trained with the TrueBrow™ System are specialists learning the process of restoring brows to their fullest potential. NATURALLY . You will be amazed at the possibilities, using your very own brows, regardless of the state they are currently in. TrueBrow™ specialists are using cutting edge technology and principles, …

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Beauty tips

Beauty Tips Beauty tip for Dehydration – Dry lips are the first sign of dehydration – first thing to do is drinking water (tea, Coffee & Coke do not count, herbal tea does). With every cup of Tea/Coffee we drink, we are losing more than a cup via urine, tea and coffee are ‘diuretics’ meaning …

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