MICHAL GABRIEL; Brow Specialist, Makeup Artist, Beauty Therapist

Beauty and Brow – About

Michal Gabriel Beauty and Brow™ is an innovative and award-winning Australian beauty salon. They specialise in Natural Eyebrow Restoration and Design and help women with damaged and compromised eyebrows. They doing so by creating world-class natural eyebrow design, helping them gain their confidence back and improve their self-esteem. Most of their clients came after they lost their trust in the beauty industry. They went to a beauty salon, thinking they are in good hands but ended up with eyebrows that were too thin/uneven/unlevelled or simply not complementing their natural beauty and look. Michal is showing them how they can trust the beauty industry again and her clients are relaxed when laying on her beauty bed.
Creating beautiful natural eyebrows is an art form, and over the past 2 years, Michal Gabriel Beauty and Brow™ achievements include:
· Being recognised by her beauty industry peers named the Australian National WINNER in the 2019 Secret Salon Society for Best Brow (Business).
· Being recognised by thousands of happy customers being named a community FINALIST in the 2020 Penrith Local Business Awards for Owner Operator.
Michal Gabriel started her brow salon business knowing how it feels to have compromised eyebrows. She has 5 scars across her eyebrows and as a teenager suffered from low self-esteem and lack of confidence, she avoided leaving the house thinking she looked like a witch with the main 2 scars she had on her eyebrows. Fortunately, it was not long when her Mother realised and came with an eyebrow pencil and showed her how to fill in her spaces in the brows. That was such a great relief for her! She now could leave the house! She no longer had to pretend the sun or the light in the room is too bright and cover her eyebrows with her hands. Her life has changed from this moment onwards.
With such experience, it was only natural for her to pay extra attention to eyebrows when she became a beauty therapist. She will never stop trying for better solutions or better results. During her career, Michal started an eyebrow tattooing course. Thinking, Finally! A permanent solution for her brows! It looked great to start with, but while training, she saw clients coming back, with faded tattoos. They had orange/blue/green shade in them after they started to fade, she realised it was not a solution! Devastatingly, she knew it was an irreversible treatment. It looked worse and crashed the client’s confidence and self-esteem. Michal never proceeded to complete the course. Instead, determined to find other solution for women’s brow, especially hers.
In her search, it was most upsetting to see cancer patients, who lost their hair and looked for quick solutions themselves. It was heartbreaking to see those clients were offered irreversible quick-fix solutions by her industry peers. She knew their hair will eventually grow. She looked at ways to help them and volunteered at “Look Good Feel Better” a non-profit charity organisation where they educate cancer patients on make-up application techniques and tips on how to use headcovers.
There is currently a rush and demand in the beauty industry for quick-fix eyebrow solutions. Some are a suitable solution to some but definitely not the perfect solution for most. Unlike most traditional beauty salons Michal Gabriel Beauty and Brow™ proud to offer a prestige service that enhances women’s natural brows.
Known globally on social media using the hashtag #savethenaturalbrow, Michal Gabriel educating women on how they can have stunning eyebrows, naturally. She is all joy when clients are saying these are the best eyebrows the ever had. And that they cannot stop looking in the mirror, or when they are in awe at how much difference a correct eyebrow shape can make to their face, improving their confidence and self-esteem. It is truly what Michal is living for.
Michal has a high demand for natural eyebrow design, in fact, this service has increased by 304% from the previous year.
Committed to further education, Michal is still attending weekly eyebrow training and yearly masterclasses with Elle Wilson, founder of the TrueBrow™ system.

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