MICHAL GABRIEL; Brow Specialist, Makeup Artist, Beauty Therapist

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Beauty and brow – MICHAL GABRIEL. At the age of 11 her mother asked for help with eyebrow

tweezing, that was Michal’s first time holding tweezers. From that day Michal had the commitment

looking after her mum’s eyebrows. By the age of 12, Michal had requests from her family members

to shape their brows. They trusted her natural artistic talent. Growing up with a talented fashion

designer mother, Michal developed her own passion for fashion and beauty. Growing up in a

competitive society, Michal suppressed her passion to beauty and did her bachelor degree in

Criminology and Sociology. She was fortunate to take part of educational projects straight after

uni.  When she arrived to Australia in 2000, she found out that it is too complicated and very

expensive as a foreigner to transfer her certificates.  She took the opportunity and  joined  the

beauty industry in 2003.  Very quickly clients recognized how precise she is with her brow work

and attention to details. Therefore today, clients who live an hour away are still coming for their

maintenance appointments, enjoying her dedication to their brows.


In 2016, she applied to further her brow knowledge with Brow Secrets® International. It was very

exciting to pass the interview and start training and learning with this exceptional group of ladies.

Been part of the TrueBrow family makes her feel very privilege and grateful. Today she loves

dedicating most of her time for designing brows and helping clients with their skin concerns

(Facials and Brows are her most favorite treatments!)



Makeup Artist, Diploma of Beauty Therapy, TrueBrow™ Representative

Michal Gabriel and Brows

Michal is a professional beauty therapist dedicating most of her time learning about eyebrows. In the past, she

experienced challenges with her own eyebrows (including 5 scars).

As a young woman it was impossible finding a brow specialist that can listen to her wants and needs with her brows.

The next step was makeup, the gaps and scars had to be covered. Once she found the brow pencil, she took it

everywhere!  finally, having full set of eyebrows! It was the best solution she thought, she never stop trying brow

products. There are so many out there, especially these days. As our beauty industry keeps growing, there are always

new products coming out. Her latest favorite is the TrueBrow collection. It is the only one that can be applied and

you cant see its there. It lasts all day, applying it is easy and most of all it looks natural!

With all this in mind, no wonder Michal has a good understanding why it is challenging, frustrating and important to

find a therapist or specialist who takes your brows seriously. Hence the reason she offers free consultation, click here

to book yours.




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