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Michal Gabriel BEAUTY AND BROW recently won the Global Lux Wedding Award for BEST BROW AND LASHES 2022.  And a finalist for Brow and Lashes in the Australial Champion Award. 

Finally, someone you can trust with your eyebrows! 

All treatments are natural, no ink, no magic. Working only with what nature blaessed you with. Start your journey today and get the best eyebrows you ever had!  Click below to book your Consultation today with the Best Natural Eyebrow specialist. 

Facials and Skin treatments

Michal is famous for her angle touch facials. You will have no choice but surrender your senses and drift away while your skin is been pampered, rejuvenated and restored. 

From lunchtime facials for quick results in minimum time to 90 minutes on luxurious facial experience. All treatments are processed with high-end professional products specifically tailored to your skin. 

Book your free skin analysis today! 


7 brow myths that can damadge your natural brow (24)

7 brow myths that can damadge your natural brow

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Natural or Inked eyebrow, yay or nay

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facial emu plains

How to choose the right skin care?

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At Beauty and Brow, we use only salon professional brands. Our professional skincare range was picked after four years of research. We chose it because:

  • They have their own laboratories, not just a manufacturer, there are scientists and dermatologists on premisses to create this high-end skin care.
  • They always improve their formula when a new innovation is found (they can do so as they own the laboratories, not like many other brands in the market today, sold as private labels. Private label brands have to buy only what the manufacturer has to offer.)
  • They have scientific articles to prove their results. 
  • Christina has about eleven ranges – meaning, there is skincare for every possible skin condition. 


As for our eyebrow services, we chose to work with TrueBrow. It took Michal 2 years to research brow training facilities, no one offered extensive training like True Brow. 

Here is why we chose TrueBrow: 

  • They are the highest level of training in the world for natural eyebrows. 
  • They hand-pick their therapists, so it is quite an honour to be part of this brand.
  • Unlike other training facilities where graduates are finishing with a certificate, at TrueBrow they have weekly training, no matter how long therapists have been with them, there is always room to learn and improve. 
  • TrueBrow and Beauty and Brow hold the same values of honesty and delivering genuine beauty services. 

Lash lift and more 

All other brands are carefully chosen after trying and experimenting with them. 

They have to meet our high standards, such as salon-only products. This is important as products sold over the counter don’t have to be prescribed by a professional as anyone can buy and use them, so their ingredients, all-thghow specified, will have to be with a safe dosage. 

Hence, we are fussy with what enters the salon, Including professional and individual products. 



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